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1Is a SIM Card required for watch use?

The Xee-Kids Smart Kids Watch needs a mobile line to operate the remote monitoring functions. Data transmission must be realized in sync with the Xee-Kids APP application installed by the parent for tracking over this mobile line. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a SIM card with a minimum of 2GB data line service from any mobile operator company.

2How Can We Download Xee-Kids App to Our Mobile Phone?

There are two different methods to download the Xee-Kids application. These:
1)1) By scanning the QR Code on the guide with your mobile phone's camera
2) You can download the Xee-Kids application to your mobile phone by searching your mobile application store with the name "Xee-Kids".

3What are the important issues to be considered when using the Xee-Kids Child Watch?

The main use of the watch is to determine the location via GPS. Only GPS satellites and the watch need to see each other exactly. In very cloudy, rainy weather or in a building / indoor area, GPS satellite may not be able to see fully, so there may be deviations in position determination.

4Can we make a video call between our mobile phone and Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch?

In order to make video calls over the Xee-Kids Smart Child Tracking Watch, the mobile operator line used by the watch must have an internet package. Calls can be made using the internet package of the line on the watch. The average video call duration has been determined as 90 seconds, as the watch can be exposed to too much heat during long calls.

5What sensors are on the Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch?

Heart rate sensor: Watch

Blood Oxygen Level Measurement Sensor:The band of the watch should be worn in such a way that it neither wraps the wrist too tightly nor too loosely. There may be deviations in the measurements made in cases such as excessive sweating, water and excessive movement of the arm. While measuring the heart rhythm, the wrist should be below the level of the dry and still heart.

Body Temperature Level Measurement Sensor: When this sensor is first attached to the arm, it can calibrate itself in about 10 minutes. It is essential that the part where the watch sensors are in contact with the body. When the watch sensors are not in contact with the arm, there may be serious deviations as they will be affected by external factors (such as exposure of the watch to the sun) and give the ambient temperature).