Xee-Kids Smart Kids Watch

Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch has a bright 1.41 inch AMOLED screen and a resolution of 320*360 pixels. With its unique domestic design, it is thinner, lighter and more durable. The screen on it is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 against scratches. The high performance it provides; It is powered by the powerful Arm Cortex-A53 processor (MT6739) coupled with 512 MB DDR3 RAM and 4 GB ROM.

Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch is equipped with technological sensors with advanced features. These; It consists of main sensors such as heart rate measurement sensor, Body temperature measurement sensor, Blood oxygen level measurement sensor. According to the instant data coming from the watch, step count, heart rate tracking, blood oxygen values, body temperature tracking instant and historical location tracking can be done via Xee-Kids Mobile Application. Again, via the Xee-Kids Mobile Application, it is possible to define a safe area, make phone calls, video calls, voice messages, and define and limit contacts in the directory. For this, it will be enough to install the Xee-Kids application from the App Store or Google Play.

Xee-Kids Smart Kids Watch supports almost all possible bands including 2G, 3G and 4G as well as dual band 2.4GHz / 4.2GHz Wi-Fi. Insert the SIM card you have and get the most reliable connection with your children and stay on track of your children.

General Features


Heart Rate Tracker

heart rate monitor.

You can see your child's daily, weekly and monthly heart rate curve, and monitor real-time heart rate to protect their physical and mental health.

Using high-level optical sensors combined with smart heart rate algorithm, you can accurately see and evaluate data for different situations, whether resting heart rate or exercise heart rate.

Body Temperature Monitoring
(Fever Meter)

Body Temperature Monitoring Sensor from the wrist

Easy Measurement in 60 seconds

The high-precision thermal temperature sensor is equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms to accurately measure the temperature of the user's body surface. Body temperature can be measured anytime, anywhere and data can be synchronized with the Xee-Kids App.

Blood Oxygen Saturation Level Monitoring(SpO₂)

Blood oxygen saturation level monitoring will provide you great convenience for timely detection of your child's health risks. Xee-Kids has a function that monitors the user's SpO2 using a special SpO2 IR sensor. To perform the test, simply select the function from the menu; the test starts automatically. Xee-Kids Smart Child Tracker measures the amount of oxygen in your child's blood hourly and sends it to the Xee-Kids APP. Xee-Kids APP allows you to monitor blood oxygen saturation level values ​​(SpO₂) daily, weekly and monthly.

What is SpO₂ ?

SpO₂ is an indicator of how much oxygen your blood is carrying. A normal SPO₂ level is between 90% and 100%.

Long-term low SPO₂ has long-term adverse health effects. That's why it's so important to constantly monitor and analyze these metrics.

Voice Messaging Feature

Xee-Kids Smart Child Tracker provides voice chat between parent and child. With high quality HD audio recordings, you can easily record and send voice messages to each other at any time via the Xee-Kids Smart Child Tracking Clock and mobile application.
Through the Xee-Kids APP, family members can exchange voice messages at the times defined in the application.

Instant Location Tracking and
Electronic Security Area

Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch allows you to see the instant location of your child and to track all the route he or she has taken in the past, on a daily, weekly and daily basis via the Xee-Kids APP.

You can define a place (school, playground, etc.) that you have determined for your child as a safe area via the APP. If your child leaves the predefined safe area, Xee-Kids will send you an instant alert via the APP.

Uninterrupted Video Call Feature with
4G Technology infrastructure

Photo shooting, video recording and video calling with HD Camera support

Smart Kids Tracker is the best mobile phone alternative for kids. With the Xee-Kids Smart Child Tracking Watch, which supports 4G technology with two-way video calling feature, you can video talk face-to-face with your child anytime, anywhere; You can have video and voice chat interactions.

Xee-Kids Smart Child Tracker has an upgraded and customized built-in HD camera to support high definition video calling. Your children can take selfies to record their important and beautiful moments and satisfy their curiosity about photography.

IP67 Water and Dust Resistance

Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch has international IP67 resistance. Thanks to its multiple water and dust insulation technology, it is produced to be resistant to water and rain water droplets that it will be exposed to during hand washing.

Swimming pool, shallow lake, river, streams and shower etc. It is not suitable for use in places such as

NOTE:Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch has no impermeability and resistance to sea water, acidic and alkaline solutions, chemical reagents and other corrosive liquids.


Network Support for
4G Technology

The fourth generation 4G Technology is stronger and more stable in signal and connection than previous generations. It offers uninterrupted calls and video calls with its high data rate, wide coverage area.

You can safely use Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch abroad in countries that support 5 network models and 22 global bands. Enjoy faster data transmission, lower power consumption and more reliable connection with 4G technology.

High Capacity Battery

570mAh lithium polymer battery
Low energy consumption and magnetic charging cable

When fully charged, the 570 mAh lithium polymer battery has a usage time of 1 day in active use and an average of 2 days in standby time.

The magnetic charging cable provides an excellent charging experience for your device with its compact and lightweight design. Suitable for use with vehicle adapters, portable chargers and laptops.

Built-in voltage regulator on Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch; When you connect your watch to the power source, it prevents damage from excessive current and protects it from damage that may occur during charging.

Choose Your Own Style From,
Three Different Color Options!

Boys and girls can use it fondly; Black, Blue ve Pink Three different color options...