Don't Worry About Where My Child Is!

Instant, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Location Tracking

With Xee-Kids App, you can track your child's instant location and track their historical (daily-weekly-monthly) location.

Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch uses GPS satellite network technology. Shortly after the Xee-Kids Smart Child Tracking Watch is activated, the GPS tracking system starts to monitor your child's movements. Via the Xee-Kids APP on the mobile phone with which the watch is defined; You can track location instantly and historically (daily, weekly, monthly).

Electronic (Fence) Safe Area

Via the mobile phone application (Xee-Kids App), you can create a safe area (Electronic Fence) for your child at any place (Park, School, Home...). When your child leaves the safe area you have created, the Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch sends a notification to your phone via the application.

Voice Messaging Feature via Xee-Kids APP

With the Xee-kids APP, the domestic R&D product on the Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch, it provides voice chat between the parent and the child. With HD quality audio recordings, you can easily record and send a voice message to each other over the watch and mobile application at any time.

Don't Let Your Child Miss Important Moments with Alarms

Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch creates alerts and alarms according to the day and time you set with the built-in alarms on the Xee-Kids APP or the alerts you have created specially. In this way, your child will not miss the important warnings that you have determined.

Your Child's Health
With Xee-Kids APP
Under Continuous Monitoring

Heart Rate Measurement (bpM), Body Temperature Measurement (Fever Meter), Blood Oxygen (SpO₂) Saturation Level Measurement

Parents can monitor their children's daily/weekly/monthly step count, heart rate tracking, blood oxygen saturation level values ​​and body temperature via Xee-Kids APP. With the data sent by the Xee-Kids Smart Child Tracking Watch every hour, they can track their health data.

Video Call Support via Xee-Kids APP

Meeting your children as if you were having a face-to-face conversation...

Thanks to the 4G technology supported by the Xee-kids Smart Kids Watch, you can make video calls with your child whenever and wherever you want via the Xee-Kids APP. When you turn on the "Video Call" function through the application, you can chat with your children as if you were meeting face to face.